this is my story

I’m Jan Lueken, owner, director and teacher of Jans Breathing Zone. I am a Registered Breathing Educator and Certified Aston Patterner. I offer individual instruction and classes in Buteyko Breathing. I also do Bodywork, Movement Training, Bemer Therapy and Qigong with clients. I integrate Awareness and Meditation within all my teaching. I am a founding member of BBEA, Buteyko Breathing Educators Association. (https://buteykoeducators.org/) an international organization that provides rigorous teaching and registration standards, along with on-going professional development for breathing educators.

Why did I become a Breathing Educator? I learned about and got interested in breath retraining after attending a Buteyko Training class with my daughter who was having sleep issues. During the training as I was doing the breathing techniques I started to realize that I was anxious and that it was affecting my breathing. Later just a few days after the training i found myself with my mouth wide open as I was casually walking down the hall in a hurry to get to an appointment.

I then remembered that the Buteyko Training Instructor had said that breathlessness was often caused by excessive mouth breathing. He said that breathlessness might increase during exercise and movement. I guess I was almost running with my mouth open to get to my appointment. Putting together the open mouth, breathlessness and anxiety got my attention. I was pretty surprised since I thought my bodywork/movement training would have informed me more about my breathing and anxiety.

After that, I got seriously interested, retook a breathing class, practiced breathing techniques a lot and later got trained to be a Buteyko Breathing Educator. I have learned to use my breath to integrate my body and exercise. My breathing rate and volume continue to improve and I am more calm. My worrisome thoughts come less frequently. Though I have never had a panic attack I am able to be mindful of breathing through my nose most of the time. I still use the Buteyko skills I learned and continue to work and practice techniques as anxiety possibilities arise.

Now in my eighties, I maintain a fairly challenging schedule of work doing bodywork/movement and breathing retraining instruction with my clients. I am grateful to be blessed with good health. I mostly practice what I preach by paying attention to my breath. I often wish I had known how to breathe better during the years I played my violin in the San Diego Symphony and during the years I taught my classes of Elementary School children in Spring Valley California.

Learning to breathe well contributes to giving me more energy. My life is full and rich, way beyond what I believed possible before. I’m hoping to get the chance to help you change your life, your health, your sports performance or your pregnancy by assisting you in learning to breathe well. Please come see me soon, let’s evaluate your breathing and set you on your journey of better health through Buteyko Breathing.